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This is Reteaching Gender and Sexuality

Reteaching Gender & Sexuality is a message about queer youth action and resilience. The video was generated to contribute additional queer/trans youth voices to the national conversations about queer/trans youth lives. Reteaching Gender & Sexuality intends to steer the conversation beyond the symptom of bullying, to consider systemic issues and deeper beliefs about gender and sexuality that impact queer youth.

Drawing a Picture: Adolescent-Centered Medical Homes

Youth from UMHS Adolescent Health Initiative’s Teen Advisory Council, TAC TAC, explore many of the ways that primary care and other health centers can make sure that their space is youth-friendly. Through whiteboard illustration by Karen, a high school student, TAC TAC members Clara, Brandon, Felipe, and Juli explain what makes them feel welcome when they go to the doctor’s office, including physical space, policies and procedures. This video allows healthcare professionals to hear directly from youth about some of their priorities for an adolescent-centered medical home.