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Smart Chart 3.0: An Even More Effective Tool to Help Nonprofits Make Smart Communications Choices

Whether you are just starting the communications planning process, checking in on a communications campaign already in progress, or interested in reviewing an effort you have already executed, the Smart Chart 3.0™ will help you assess your strategic decisions to ensure that your communications strategy delivers high impact. Strategic communications decisions are the building blocks of any successful communications planning and implementation effort. When used correctly, this tool will create stronger outcomes and help you use resources more effectively. Fight the urge to think tactically in the beginning. Strategic decisions must be made before you settle on tactics. To create a high impact communications effort, strategy must drive tactics—not the other way around. Click here to view Smart Chart 3.0™.

Healthy Teen Network Tip Sheet: Gender, Sexuality, & Inclusive Sex Education

Assuming someone’s gender identity or sexual orientation based on how they look, assuming that all young people are only attracted to the “opposite” gender, teaching that there are only opposite genders (boys and girls, and ignoring others). These are all examples where sex education may make youth of different identities, genders, or orientations not feel included. Inclusive sex education means a change both in thinking and in language for these identities and experiences.  Click here to view the Healthy Teen Network Tip Sheet: Gender, Sexuality, & Inclusive Sex Education.