Upcoming Communities of Practice

We have several upcoming Communities of Practice (COP) meetings!

What’s a COP, you ask? A COP is a group of people who share a common concern, set of problems, or interest in a topic. This group comes together to fulfill both their individual and group goals related to these shared interests or challenges.

COPs cover topics you’re interested in learning more about, connect you with peer organizations to exchange promising practices, and identify solutions to the challenges you face within your programming. Check out our exciting COP lineup below!

[COP] LGBTQ + Inclusivity
Presented by Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) and EngenderHealth
CHLA and EngenderHealth are kicked off this COP in May! This LGBTQ+ COP will continue and deepen the conversations we started at our Courageous Spaces webinar in April. The COP will meet again in July. Interested in joining? Send us an email and we’ll let you know the details!

[COP] Community Mobilization
Presented by UMDI
After a strong start in April, the Community Mobilization Community of Practice continues. In May the group focused on establishing and leading the Community Action Groups (CAG). Interested? It’s never too late to join! Email us to sign up today.

[COP] Storytelling Kick-Off 
Presented by Youth Catalytics
Continuing the conversation from our webinars and Messages that Matter training earlier this spring, this COP kicked off in early June to talk about storytelling! Join us for more opportunities to share your stories, learn from peers around the country, and get more coaching and practice. To sign up, email your name, organization, and phone number to Karen Vincelette at kvincelette[at]youthcatalytics.org.

[COP] Planned and Prepared: Crisis Communications Kick-Off
Presented by Youth Catalytics
This COP, which kicked off in early June, is designed for grantees who are actively working on developing their crisis communications plan using the SmartPlan concepts presented during the “When It’s Not All Good” workshop at Messages that Matter. To sign up, email your name, organization, and phone number to Karen Vincelette at kvincelette[at]youthcatalytics.org.

[COP] Rural Settings Kick-Off – June 27 from 1pm – 2pm ET
Presented by Adolescent Health Initiative in collaboration with EngenderHealth, UMDI, and Youth Catalytics
Join other TPP grantees and the LEAD Collaborative in an open forum to learn from each other and share approaches to implementing work in rural settings. Topics covered may include the following: creating linkages with youth-friendly health services, program implementation, community mobilization and sustainability, and communication and dissemination. We’ll use virtual meetings, email, and phone calls to problem-solve challenges and explore opportunities for success. Register today!

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