Upcoming Communities of Practice

We have several upcoming Communities of Practice (COP) meetings! What’s a COP, you ask? A COP is a group of people who share a common concern, set of problems, or interest in a topic. This group comes together to fulfill both their individual and group goals related to these shared interests or challenges. COPs cover […]

Welcome to the LEAD Collaborative’s New Website!

Thanks for checking out our new website! We’re thrilled to have this new platform for engaging with OAH TPP Program Grantees. On our site you’ll find: information about the LEAD Collaborative project, who we are, and our values a calendar of upcoming CBA events answers to frequently asked questions ways to stay in touch via email or social […]

Words that Help Your Program, Words that Don’t

This post was created by Youth Catalytics shortly after Messages that Matter: Storytelling and Communicating for Impact, a training conducted March 29-30, 2017 for Office of Adolescent Health TPP Program grantees. Get more tips on effective communication and compelling storytelling here.  _____________________________________________________________________ We all know that jargon can deaden messages. It’s hard to even pay attention, […]