In everything we do, we are driven by our values:

  • Mutual Respect: We recognize the power of our diverse life experiences and perspectives. Our ability to communicate and navigate differences in a direct and respectful way serves to strengthen our partnership and deepen our impact.
  • Working from a Strengths Perspective: We value and recognize the unique contributions and experiences of all involved, including the youth we serve. We are committed to amplifying successes, sharing best practices, and highlighting what each of us does well.
  • Collaborative Leadership: We approach this work as peers and encourage shared leadership and responsibility. We are energized by opportunities to collaborate, look for ways to share power and ownership, and invite participation from all.
  • Quality and Continuous Improvement: We provide high-quality, evidence-informed, and timely support. We are committed to engaging in an ongoing process of evaluation, reflection, and improvement to ensure we are helping to create meaningful change.
  • Inclusivity and Humility: We strive to ensure our efforts are inclusive and welcoming to all. Our aim is to always work in partnership with those we serve and to continuously examine and address our own biases and presumptions.